LOTRED-SA - Long-Term climate REconstruction and Dynamics of South America

LOTRED-SA timeline

 Phase 1  Phase 2  Completed
 2006 - 2013
 2014-2016  May 2017



Scientists at Laguna Ensueño, Chile, 2006.

Regional high-resolution multi-proxy climate reconstructions for the last ca. 1000 years were a priority area of future research within IGBP-PAGES (Wanner 2005). While considerable progress was made on the northern hemisphere (Pauling et al. 2006), adequate data sets and reconstructions were missing for the southern hemisphere.

Regional reconstructions are particularly important since regional climate change and extremes exhibit much larger amplitudes than hemispheric and global reconstructions. Monthly to seasonal temperature reconstruction for Europe since 1500 AD (e.g. Luterbacher et al. 2004; Xoplaki et al. 2005) and the drought reconstruction for the western US (Cook et al. 2004) set new standards for regional scales. Similar studies were missing for other regions of the world.


This LOTRED-SA initiative was conceived as a collaborative long-term effort seeking to:

1. Collate the large number of disperse already existing and new multi-proxy paleoclimate data sets (documentary data, early instrumental data and natural proxies) for the last ca. 1000 - 2000 years available for South America, and

2. Use the Mann et al. (1998), Luterbacher et al. (2004) and Moberg et al. (2005) methodologies to work towards a regional reconstruction at different temporal and spatial resolution for southern South America.

Read LOTRED-SA's initial proposal here.


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