Ocean Gateways Past and Present: Significance for Ocean Circulation and Climate

05.05 - 07.05.2013
Jerusalem, Israel

Registration and abstract deadline: 17 April 2013

Ocean gateways and their dynamical circulation are prominently involved in a range of climatically relevant ocean processes such as shifting salt, heat and buoyancy between ocean basins, thereby potentially impacting convective activity in the high-latitude oceans and the stability of the ocean circulation. The opening and closure of ocean gateways also played an important role in the geological past in defining the state of the polar cryosphere, the ocean’s physical circulation and chemical inventories, and the global climate at large.

The Ocean Gateways conferences aims to bring together the ocean observations, climate modelling and marine and terrestrial palaeoclimate reconstructions communities to share their insights into the circulation regimes of ocean gateways, the role of wind systems in defining these regimes, the variability of the gateways circulation and their significance for ocean circulation and climate on regional to global and modern to palaeo-time scales. The conference seeks to stimulate dialogue between the disciplines during plenary and guided round table discussions.

The submission of abstracts is invited from the fields of ocean observations, climate modelling and marine and terrestrial palaeoclimate reconstructions.

Registration fee is 180 USD for academic faculty and professionals, 90 USD for students and Postdocs. The registration fee covers the full participation in the meeting, coffee breaks and the conference book of abstracts.

It is a stated objective of the conference to particularly encourage the participation of young scientists at the PhD and post-doctoral researcher level.

This conference is sponsored by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme.