Adaptation Futures, 3rd International Climate Change Conference

12.05 - 16.05.2014
Fortaleza, Brazil

Deadline for abstracts: 15 November 2013

This conference will focus on climate impacts and adaptation options. It will bring together scientists and decision makers, and practitioners from developed and developing countries to share research approaches, methods and results. It will explore the way forward in a world where impacts are increasingly observable and adaptation actions are increasingly required.

Online abstract submission and registration:

Abstracts are invited (up to 300 words) for oral and poster presentations.Opening date for abstract submission: 1 July 2013 Deadline for abstracts: 15 November 2013Abstracts will be accepted by 20 February 2014

Abstracts can be submitted directly on the event website:


Deadline for registration: 20 November 2013

Costs:- Full registration $400 USD- Full student registration $150 USD- One-day registration (with no dinner) $100 USD - Full registration (with no dinner) $350 USD

Organized by


International Executive Organizing Committee: - Jose A. Marengo, CCST INPE, Brazil, Conference co-chair - Saleem el Huq, Chair of ProVIA SSC, Conference co-chair - Paulina Aldunce, Universidad de Chile,Santiago, Chile - Keith Alverson, UNEP, Kenya- Edwin Castellanos, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Guatemala - Pauline Dube, University of Botswana, Botswana- Diana Liverman, University of Arizona, USA- Jean Palutikof, NCCARF, Australia- Martin Parry, ProVIA, Imperial College of London, UK- Carlos A. Nobre, SEPED-MCTI, CCST INPE, Brazil- Hassan Virji, START, Washington DC, USA- Richard Klein, ProVIA, Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden - Rik Leemans, Wageningen University, Netherlands- Antonio Magalhaes, UNCDD, CGEE, Brazil - Patricia Pinho, IGBP, CCST INPE, Brazil - Mark Stafford Smith, CSIRO, Australia