Late Quaternary sedimentary record of Antarctic ice margin evolution

06.07 - 11.07.1997  
Hobart, Australia
Workshop report: 
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This first ANTIME workshop was held in parallel with the SCAR-ANTOSTRAT (Antarctic Offshore Stratigraphy) workshop.

There were 65 participants from Australia, USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Japan, Sweden, Germany, and Russia. The participants included representatives of PAGES, IMAGES, INQUA and the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC).

The workshop included three scientific sessions on: (a) Extent, timing and regional differences during Glacial Stage 2 (10-30 kyr BP) in Antarctica, from the terrestrial and marine records; (b) Climatic, environmental and glacial events during the Holocene; and (c) Late Quaternary geochronological problems in Antarctica.