The Global Paleo-Vegetation Project (BIOME 6000)

06.10 - 10.10.1998  
Jena, Germany
Workshop report: 
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The Global Paleo-Vegetation Project (BIOME 6000) was initiated at a workshop in Hörby, Sweden, in 1994, under the joint auspices of IGBP-GAIM, IGBP-DIS, IGBP-GCTE and IGBP-PAGES.

The aim of BIOME 6000 was to assemble pollen data for 6000 and 18,000 years before present (yr B.P.), and to use these data to construct global maps of vegetation for these time periods, using a standard, objective "biomisation" technique based on the classification of plant taxa into plant functional types.

This workshop was the first opportunity for the BIOME 6000 community to meet since its inauguration.