Workshop on Model-Data Comparison

16.04 - 18.04.2018  
Hamburg, Germany
Contact person:
Oliver Bothe, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Workshop report: 
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A workshop on the comparison of proxy- and reconstruction-data and simulations over timeperiods spanning up to the last glacial cycle will be held from 16-18 April 2018 in Hamburg, Germany.


This is a semi-open workshop, from midday 16 April to midday 18 April, at the University of Hamburg, Germany.

Further details will be sent closer to the date.


The plan is to bring together paleoclimatologists and modelers to develop best practice strategies for comparing transient simulations over periods from the Holocene to the Last Glacial Cycle, with a focus on the physical climate system. The initiative for this workshop originates within the German Climate Modelling Initiative PalMod.

This will be a product-oriented workshop targeting at least one consortium paper integrating the efforts and expertise of the participants. The optimal goal of the workshop is to have outlines of full papers at the end of the three days.


The plan is to focus on:
- the spatio-temporal representation of the physical climate system in models and data in the comparison
- alternative/summary metrics for comparing data and models
- how to include the uncertainty of the data in the comparison with the models.

Achieving this goal requires a certain type of workshop. The first half day will be reserved to very short presentations of potential contributions by the participants, the second day will be dedicated to separately working in smaller groups on the three topics mentioned above. The third day will summarise these activities and organize the future work.

Preliminary organizing committee

Oliver Bothe
Sebastian Wagner
Eduardo Zorita


Everyone interested in attending should send an Expression of Interest by 16 February 2018 to Oliver Bothe: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:

a) Name, and affiliation
b) Your position (in particular if you are an early career scientist, i.e. PhD student or PhD completion less than seven years ago - provided parental leave fell into that period, up to one year of parental leave time may be added per child, where appropriate.)
c) What could be your contribution to the goals of the workshop; or why would you be interested to participate and/or contribute to the workshop (5 lines max)
d) To which of the topics "spatio-temporal" comparison, new metrics, or uncertainty do you think you could contribute most.

Further information

If the number of interested persons exceeds the capacity of the workshop, the organizing committee will take into account participation in PalMod, research background, diversity, and gender balance.

At least one Skype meeting ahead of the workshop is planned, to most efficiently use the time in Hamburg.

Travel and accommodation expenses are not covered.