Short Summer Course in Climate Extremes Analysis

19.09 - 22.09.2017  
Bad Gandersheim, Germany
Contact person:
Dr. Manfred Mudelsee, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Climate Risk Analysis (CRA) is giving a Short Summer Course in Climate Extremes Analysis in Bad Gandersheim, Germany, from 19-22 September 2017.


This Short Summer Course in Climate Extremes Analysis is specifically tailored to the needs of PhD students, postdocs and professional researchers in climatology, ecology, environmental sciences, geosciences, meteorology or hydrology. A basic knowledge in calculus and statistics is required, the rest you will learn there. You get the required statistical tools and extensive hands-on training to become able to optimally analyse your data and answer the associated questions about the climate. You acquire the theoretical basis for understanding the tools and interpreting the results. You learn to determine the various sources of uncertainty in data, climate models and statistical estimation.

A highlight of this course will be the provision of a new software for optimally estimating the heavy tails of a statistical distribution (risk analysis).


The registration deadline is Friday 8 September 2017. Register here:

Registration fee (net price, excluding 19% VAT): With textbook softcopy 1090 EUR; with textbook hardcopy 1190 EUR.

Registration includes:
(1) Textbook: Mudelsee 2014 Climate Time Series Analysis, 2nd edition, Springer, 454 pp. (softcopy or hardcopy)
(2) Lecture (PDF; USB stick)
(3) Data and software (Windows executables and selected Fortran source codes; USB stick)
(4) Caliza™ 3.0 software, full version (net single price, 850 EUR)
(5) One month post-course software support
(6) Organic meals: ice-breaker (Sunday evening), lunch (Monday to Friday), course dinner (Thursday evening)
(7) Organic snacks, coffee and tea (Monday to Friday)
(8) Daily shuttle service (to/from railway station Kreiensen, to/from accomodation option Bad Gandersheim)


Climate Risk Analysis would be happy to support participants who wish to apply externally for a travel or conference grant to be able to come here. (That means, CRA itself does not offer funding.) The support may be in the form of a recommendation letter. In that case, please attach also more details about your research, your person, and a draft of the grant proposal.


There are in total three summer courses offered by CRA. First, the Basic Course in Climate Time Series Analysis (7-11 August 2017) assumes basic knowledge in calculus. Second, the Advanced Course in Climate Time Series Analysis (4-8 September 2017) assumes further basic knowledge in statistics. Both courses cover the most important statistical techniques: regression, spectral analysis, extreme values and correlation. Third, this Short Course in Climate Extremes Analysis (19-22 September 2017) assumes basic knowledge in calculus and statistics; it covers regression and especially extreme values.

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