Past Earth Network (PEN) Opening Conference

01.09 - 04.09.2015  
Crewe, UK

The Past Earth Network (PEN) is an EPSRC funded network to facilitate communication between climate modellers, climate data scientists and statisticians. The aim of the network is to use past climate data to assess the uncertainties of climate models with a view towards improving climate forecasts. The network encompasses four themes; uncertainty in climate data, uncertainty in climate models, model-data comparison and, based on the first three themes, improving climate projections. You can join the network (free of charge), using the membership form.

The aim of the conference is to start discussions between network members and to set up four working groups, one for each of the four network themes. The conference aims to attract members of the climatology, palaeoclimatology, modelling, stats/maths communities and related fields. The focus of the conference will be on identifying the major challenges in each of the four themes, and to bridge gaps between the different communities involved.

If you work in statistics or climate science, and if you are willing to work across disciplines, we would love to have you at our conference.

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Registration closes on 26 July 2015.