Scales and Scaling in the Climate System: Bridging theory, climate models and data

05.10 - 07.10.2015  
Montreal, Canada
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The climate is highly variable over wide ranges of scale in both space and time so that the amplitude of changes systematically depends on the scale of observations. As a consequence, the climate variations recorded in time series or spatial distributions, which are produced through modelling or empirical analyses are inextricably linked to the space-time scales and is a significant part of the uncertainties in the “proxy” approaches.

This workshop aims at bringing together climatologists and paleoclimatologists from the modelling and proxy-data acquisition communities in addition to scientists from the nonlinear geoscience community with the aim to develop tools for understanding, comparing and modelling time series and spatial distributions over wide scale ranges so as to better understand and quantify the climate variability in time and space while taking into account intrinsic uncertainties.

The workshop is relevant and timely because variability occurs over such enormous range of space-time scales that scaling and other novel approaches are urgently needed. This will be the first workshop with a comparable focus.

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Deadline for registration and abstract submissions - May 15, 2015


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PAGES Magazine workshop report

> Scale and Scaling in the Climate System (vol.24, no.1)