HiRes2015: High-Resolution Proxies on Paleoclimate.

31.05 - 03.06.2015  
Madison, Wisconsin


HiRes2015 is a NSF-sponsored workshop deisgned to explore new developments of high-resolution in situ studies for proxies of paleoclimate.    

SIMS and laser techniques provide a new level of climate resolution through analysis of isotope ratio and trace element compositions at micron-scale. In situ analysis permits correlation of imaging with geochemistry and selection of features that could not otherwise be interrogated. These recent advances yield improved temporal resolution and promise an important new level of understanding for many paleoclimate proxies.

The workshop will be conducted in parallel with tutorial demonstrations of the IMS-1280 Ion Microprobe in the WiscSIMS Lab. The goals of the meeting are to explore new capabilities and new applications of in situ analysis to paleoclimate and to acquaint participants with SIMS techniques.

Venue: WiscSIMS, Univ. of Wisconsin- Madison

To register

Register for HiRes2015 or express interest at:

The deadline for registration is April 27, 2015.

Keynote Speakers (others pending)

Richard Alley - Penn. State, “Abrupt climate change: Looking forward by looking back”

Ron Amundson - Univ. of California-Berkeley, “High resolution paleoclimate data from                                     laminated carbonates in soils”

Kim Cobb - Georgia Inst. of Technology

Alex Gagnon - Univ. of Washington, “The impact of small-scale heterogeneity on                                    proxies in biomineral archives.”

Clay Kelly - Univ. of Wisconsin- Madison, “Forams Forever”

Reinhard Kozdon - Rutgers, “Getting the big picture from a small spot: Stable isotope                                     analysis by SIMS in foraminifera and other small or zoned samples”

Margaret Schoeninger Univ. of California- San Diego, “Paleoclimate and tooth enamel.                                     Where do we go from here?”

Howie Spero - Univ. of California- Davis, “Quantifying Isotopic Variations in Cultured                                    Planktic Foraminifera at the Micron Scale”  

SIMS Tutorials

Noriko Kita: WiscSIMS, SIMS Basics

Ian Orland: WiscSIMS, Analysis of Speleothems & Biocarbonates

John Valley: WiscSIMS, Accuracy vs. Precision by SIMS  


Sun. May 31, 2015

5 PM reception & barbeque in Weeks Hall Courtyard & WiscSIMS Lab Open House  

Mon. June 1 to Wed. June 3 

Meetings will include:

1) Presentations by WiscSIMS personnel on overview of SIMS principles and operation, sample preparation, and examples of in situ stable isotope analysis in proxy climate records, including speleothems, foraminifera, mollusks, coral, otoliths, and teeth.      

2) Keynote lectures, talks and posters are invited that explore high-resolution studies of paleoclimate proxies and potential new applications. (Feb. 4, 2015)  

Sponsors / Hosts

Sponsored by National Science Foundation, Division of Earth Science and Cameca Instruments Inc.  

Hosted by WiscSIMS Laboratory, Department of Geoscience, University of Wisconsin-Madison WiscSIMS -