SCOR/IGBP Working Group 138: Final workshop & short course on culturing of planktonic foraminifera

30.08 - 04.09.2015  
California, USA
Contact person:
Michal Kucera , Uni.Bremen, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SCOR/IGBP Working Group 138: Planktonic foraminifera and ocean changes is hosting a final workshop & short course on culturing of planktonic foraminifera


This workshop will review progress from WG138's results and research over the last four years, featuring reviews of new taxonomy, genetic diversity, biology, ecology, shell geochemistry and biomineralisation, given by WG members. These presentations will form the starting point for discussions on the status of the final review of the subject and its publication as well as the identification of priorities for future research and avenues to secure continuous updating of the WG138 review.

The meeting will be linked to a short course on culturing of planktonic foraminifera, including demonstrations of collection methods, hands-on exercises setting up laboratory cultures, feeding, observation and manipulation of the culture medium.

The workshop and the short course are closely linked and short course participants will be offered an opportunity to engage in discussions and to present posters on their current research.

In addition to SCOR WG members and associates, we now invite applications from young researchers (advanced PhD students and early stage post docs).

Venue: Wrigley Marine Science Center, Catalina Island, California, USA

Registration and more information

> Workshop and short course flyer (pdf)