GODAE OceanView€“ GSOP CLIVAR Workshop on Observing System Evaluation and Coupled Data Assimilation

15.04 - 19.04.2013
Hobart, Australia

The purpose of the owrkshop is to provide a forum for enhanced interactions amongst researchers with expertise in the ocean observing systems, coupled data assimilation (ocean/ biogeochemical / atmosphere/ terrestrial / sea ice), and short-range (regional and global), seasonal, and decadal forecasting.

The expected outcome of the symposium is closer collaboration amongst international researchers particularly within GODAE OceanView and CLIVAR-GSOP and between these groups with sharing of resources and techniques.

Similar to the 2011 GODAE OceanView€“ CLIVAR workshop in Santa Cruz, the workshop will be a mix of oral presentations and open discussion. Oral presentations will be invited on:

- the ocean observing system: time and spatial scales- data assimilation methods (bringing models and observations together for state estimation and prediction)- coupled modelling and data assimilation (modelling all components of the earth system and their interactions)- observing system evaluation activities (what is the impact of observations on prediction systems? Where are the gaps? Where are we over-sampling? etc)- validation of analysis and forecast systems (quantifying the value of observations to forecast systems).

Travel support: Funding is available to support travel for a limited number of participants. Requests for travel support should explain why support is needed, and should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Requests will be considered on a case by case basis.