International Symposium on Foraminifera (FORAMS 2014)

19.01 - 24.01.2014
Concepcion, Chile
Contact person:
Monica Sorondo, University of Concepcion, Chile

We are pleased to announce the International Symposium on Foraminifera (FORAMS 2014) to be held at the Main Campus of the University of Concepcion, in Concepcion, Chile on 19-24 January, 2014.

The program will cover a wide range of research topics, including all aspects of foraminiferal biology, biostratiography,biogeography, ecology and paleoecology, paleoceanography, molecularevolution and systematics, and paleoclimatology.


Session 1: New classification of Foraminifera - bridging molecules and morphology.
Session 2: Recent and Fossil Foraminifera from South America.
Session 3: Fjord Foraminifera.
Session 4: Invasions, Dispersal and Biogeographic Range Expansions of Foraminifera: Lessons from Earth History.
Session 5: Biogeography and evolution of foraminifera.
Session 6: The ecology of planktonic foraminifera: from present to past.
Session 7: Foraminiferal bio-monitoring methods.
Session 8: Advances in Environmental Micropaleontology.
General Session: Other Foraminiferal research

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