The Joint 13th Quadrennial iCACGP Symposium & 13th IGAC Science Conference

22.09 - 26.09.2014
Natal, Brazil

The Joint Quadrennial ICACGP Symposia and IGAC Science Conferences provide unique mechanisms for the dissemination of scientific information across the transdisciplinary global atmospheric scientific community.

The topical theme of the joint 13th Quadrennial iCACGP Symposium / 13thIGAC Science Conference is: Changing Chemistry in a Changing World€: The foci being our current knowledge and understanding of the chemical, physical and biogeochemical processes, which determine atmospheric composition and behavior, their modification by anthropogenic activity and related feedbacks.

Of central significance to the meeting is our knowledge of the fundamental science, which impacts the accuracy of our assessment of both the recent and current impact of human behavior on the earth system, and of the prediction of future air quality, human health, environmental and climate change.

The joint 13th iCACGP / 13th IGAC Quadrennial Symposium/Conference comprises plenary sessions, which begin with invited keynote speakers and have selected topical oral presentations, coupled with innovative and high quality poster sessions. The latter are the key integrating aspect. Posters will be displayed continuously throughout the meeting. The Symposium/Conference also features an excellent Young Scientist Program. Finally, this event also celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the World Meteorological Organization'€™s (WMO) Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) addressing the issues of both operational and academic research.

Important deadlines

Abstract submission until 15 March 2014

Application for young scientist travel support until 15 March 2014

Early bird registrations until 1 May 2014

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