PAGES SSC/EXCOM meeting 2015

24.01 - 25.01.2015
Las Cruces, Chile
Contact person:
Thorsten Kiefer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PAGES activities are overseen by an international Scientific Steering Committee (SSC), nominated by members of the paleoscience community and appointed by the IGBP Steering Committee. This is their annual meeting. In general, it is a closed meeting for SSC members and a few invited guests; however, anyone with a particular interest in attending parts of the meeting that could be open to the community should contact Thorsten Kiefer.

In addition the Executive Committee (EXCOM), a subset of five SSC members, will also hold a short evening meeting during this period.

The meeting agenda

- Planning the direction of PAGES' science
- Monitoring the progress of PAGES Working Groups
- Transition to Future Earth
- Discussing collaborations with WCRP and other organisations
- Promoting effective capacity building strategies
- PAGES' role in assessments
- Data strategy


International Laboratory on Global Change, Estación Costera de Investigaciones Marinas (ECIM), Campus Las Cruces, Las Cruces, Chile

Accommodation is arranged for participants. Pick up services from/to the airport Santiago de Chile (SCL) to/from Las Cruces will be offered. Breakfast, coffee breaks and lunch are included.