The Climate Symposium: Climate Research and Earth Observations from Space: Climate Information for Decision Making

13.10 - 17.10.2014
Darmstadt, Germany

Satellite observations are a key element in an integrated and sustained climate observing system and have been critically important for monitoring and understanding the Earth’s climate system during the past several decades. The completion of the IPCC Fifth Assessment (AR5) in 2013-2014 makes it timely to discuss these achievements, to assess future opportunities and challenges with satellite derived climate information, and to provide guidance on future priorities.

The symposium will be an important step towards defining requirements, and the further development of an efficient and sustained international space-based Earth observing system. This symposium is intended to bring together the international experts in climate observations, research, analysis and modelling to present and discuss results from their studies, with a particular emphasis on the role of space-based Earth observations in improving our knowledge of the current climate at global and regional scales, and in the assessment of models used for climate projections.

Main goal of the syposium

The main goal of the symposium is to provide a forum for discussing the current state of climate science and climate observations in order to evaluate recent achievements, ascertain critical objectives to be achieved with satellite-based climate information, and identify gaps in the current space-based component of the climate observing system. A major topic that will be discussed is the proposed Architecture for sustained Climate Monitoring from Space that has been developed under the auspices of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS), the Coordination Group of Meteorological Satellites (CGMS) and WMO. Beyond the monitoring of the current state of the Climate System, the conference will also consider how Earth observation contributes to future developments in climate prediction and climate change projection.

Symposium participants

- Climate scientists primarily interested in satellite observations and their use for climate research, modelling and prediction.
- Experts from space agencies engaged in the development of climate missions, and the development and provision of corresponding data and information services.
- Private sector, non-governmental organisations, and organisations that are involved in the development of Earth observing and information systems, and / or dependent on science-based climate information for decision-making.


Key themes for discussion during the conference will include:

- Clouds, circulation and climate sensitivity
- The changing water cycle
- Cryosphere in a warming world
- Ocean circulation and regional sea level rise
- Prediction and attribution of extremes: from climate to weather
- Regional climate variability and change: enabling climate services

Important dates

Deadline to submit application for travel support and abstracts if applying for travel support - 15 Feb 2014

Deadline to submit abstracts - 15 Apr 2014