CLIVAR/PAGES Workshop: Reducing and representing uncertainties in high-resolution proxy climate data

09.06 - 11.06.2008
Trieste, Italy
Contact person:
Kim Cobb, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Workshop report: 
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The primary goals of this workshop were to:

- Identify the main sources of uncertainty in the different types of proxy data

- Make recommendations for how to better represent proxy error to non-specialists

- Develop strategies for reducing uncertainties associated with each proxy type

- Develop internationally coordinated strategy for re-sampling existing key proxy sites and sampling key new sites for each climate proxy

This workshop was co-sponsored by EPRI, ICTP, U.S. NSF, NOAA, CLIVAR and PAGES.

 Meeting material

> Workshop poster

> Presentation

> White Paper: Annually-banded corals as climate proxies

> White Paper: Documentary evidence as climate proxies

> White Paper: Sources of uncertainty in ice core data

> White Paper: Sources of uncertainty in tree-ring data

> White Paper: Speleothem-based climate proxy records

> White Paper: Lake sediments as climate archives