Continental archives of Past Global Changes: from Quaternary to Anthropocene Symposium

Minneapolis, USA
Workshop report: 
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To coincide with Past Global Changes (PAGES) annual Scientific Steering Committee Meeting, to be held from 22-23 May 2018 at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA, a one-day symposium will be conducted on campus in Room 401-20, Tate Hall, on 24 May.


The "Continental archives of Past Global Changes: from Quaternary to Anthropocene" Symposium consists of a morning session from 10:00-12:00, a tour of the LacCore/CSDCO facilities from 13:30-14:30, and an afternoon session from 15:00-17:00.

Approximately 15 presentations, from experts in their field, will be given on topics ranging from sulfate pollution in lakes, vegetation feedbacks, terrestrial and aquatic proxies, past landscape dynamics and human impacts, and glacial geology of the local region.

All are welcome to attend. No registration required.


10:00-12.15: Session 1, Room 401-20, Tate Hall
12:15-13:30: Lunch break
13.30-14:30: Tour of LacCore/CSDCO facilities (175 Tate Hall)
15:00-17:00: Session 2, Room 401-20, Tate Hall


10:00: Marie-France Loutre, PAGES: PAGES: An open international network of paleoscientists
10:15: Anders Noren, UMN/Continental Scientific Drilling Coordination Office and LacCore Facility: CSDCO and LacCore: Infrastructure for Drilling and Coring
10:30: Larry Edwards, UMN - Department of Earth Sciences: Chinese and Amazon cave sequences
10:45: Amy Myrbo, UMN/Continental Scientific Drilling Coordination Office and LacCore Facility: Multiple negative consequences of sulfate pollution of freshwater shallow lakes, and recognition of sulfate loading in the (neo)paleorecord
11:00: Randy Calcote, UMN: Vegetation patchiness and climate change: Vegetation feedbacks, fire, and landscape characteristics
11:15: Charles Umbanhowar, St Olaf College: Holocene records of aquatic and terrestrial subarctic ecosystems (Manitoba, Canada): Do terrestrial and aquatic proxies tell the same story at multiple sites?
11:30: Kelly MacGregor, Macalester College: Reconstructing landscape dynamics human impacts, and the Younger Dryas from Paternoster lakes in Glacier National Park
11:45: Kevin Theissen, St Thomas University, Minnesota: Ancient microbialite sequences from Nevada
12:00: Tom Hickson, St Thomas University, Minnesota: The isotope record from ancient microbialite sequences
12:15-13:30: Lunch
13:30-14:30: Tour of LacCore/CSDCO facilities
15:00: Byron Steinman, UMN - Duluth: Small lakes in the Pacific Northwest
15:15: Emi Ito, UMN: Pliocene Lakes of Western North America
15:30: Andy Breckenridge, University of Wisconsin - Superior: Construction of a 5,000-year varve chronology from glacial Lakes Norwood and Agassiz
15:45: Jeff Havig, UMN: Geomicrobiology and deep biosphere
16:00: Adam Heathcote, St. Croix Watershed Research Station: Global trends in carbon burial by lakes
16:15: Paul Glaser, UMN: Changing Holocene sea levels in three different tectonic settings and their effect on peat formation and global climate
16:30: Carrie Jennings, UMN: Glacial Geology of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers
16:45: Shane Loeffler, UMN: Flyover country app