Basic Course in Climate Time Series Analysis

07.08 - 11.08.2017  
Bad Gandersheim, Germany
Contact person:
Dr. Manfred Mudelsee, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Climate Risk Analysis is giving a Basic Course in Climate Time Series Analysis in Bad Gandersheim, Germany, from 7-11 August 2017.

This Basic Summer Course is specifically tailored to the needs of PhD students, postdocs and professional researchers in climatology, ecology, environmental sciences, geosciences, meteorology or hydrology.

Climate case studies serve to illustrate the usefulness of the tools: how to make the most of your data by means of statistics—and how to publish it in a research paper. Examples include:

- Dynamics of the Pliocene Northern Hemisphere Glaciation (Mudelsee and Raymo 2005 Paleoceanography 20:PA4022)
- Paleohurricane risk during the past millennium from proxy series (Besonen et al. 2008 Geophysical Research Letters 35:L14705)
- Modeled river runoff and river floods during the past decades and centuries (Mudelsee et al. 2003 Nature 425:166)

The course instructor, Dr. Manfred Mudelsee, is trained in physics, geology and statistics and has expertise in teaching statistical methods to non-specialists.


A basic knowledge in calculus and the rest will be taught on site.

About the course

You will receive the required statistical tools and extensive hands-on training to become able to optimally analyse your data and answer the associated questions about the climate. You acquire the theoretical basis for understanding the tools and interpreting the results. You learn to determine the various sources of uncertainty in data, climate models and statistical estimation.

Further training

This is the first of three summer courses offered by CRA. The second, the Advanced Course in Climate Time Series Analysis (4-8 September 2017) assumes further basic knowledge in statistics. Both courses cover the most important statistical techniques: regression, spectral analysis, extreme values and correlation. The third, the Short Course in Climate Extremes Analysis (19-22 September 2017) assumes basic knowledge in calculus and statistics; it covers regression and especially extreme values.


The registration deadline is 28 July 2017.

Further information

Go to the course website:

Contact Dr. Manfred Mudelsee, Chief Executive Officer, Climate Risk Analysis, Kreuzstrasse 27, Heckenbeck 37581, Bad Gandersheim, Germany: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.