8th International School on Foraminifera

03.06 - 21.06.2015  
Urbino, Italy
Contact person:
Dr. Fabrizio Frontalini , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This eighteen-day intensive course is specifically designed to provide an overview of the Taxonomy, Ecology, Biodiversity, and Geological History of Benthic and Planktonic Foraminifera. The course is intended for students interested in Micropalaeontology, Paleoceanography, Paleoecology, Climate History, Biology, and Environmental and industrial applications.

The course consists of lectures and practical classes covering the taxonomy, distribution, ecology, and paleoecology of foraminifera. Microscope lab sessions provide the opportunity for participants to learn the foraminiferal genera and species, and view Cretaceous to Neogene foraminiferal assemblages from Petroleum Exploration areas and ODP sites as well as Quaternary and modern assemblages.

At the end of each lecture session, different tasks will be assigned to participants to reinforce the knowledge learned. Course materials include the lecture PowerPoint and numerous pdf reprints of classic papers.

The 8th ISF will be structured in four parts: Foraminiferal Introduction (4-8 June), Larger Benthic Foraminifera (9-12 June), Smaller Benthic Foraminifera (14-18 June) and Planktonic Foraminiferal (19-22 June).

Applications for this year's course are now being accepted. Course details and application form can be found in attachments and by visiting our website at

The course is primarily intended for young researchers at the PhD or MSc stages of their careers and industrial staff working with Foraminifera, Meiofauna, Micropalaeontology, Paleoceanography, Paleoecology, and Climate History. For industrial staff, additional training modules or individual tutorials may be arranged upon request after the course.